Empowering Entrepreneurs

Highlight Holdings Limited is an investment group made up of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced, alternative-thinking individuals who actively partner with smart, industry-changing businesses by being a partner of influence.

About Us

We take material stake in businesses, becoming long-term partners, who allow management teams to have the individuality to operate the business with the experienced counsel of a well-connected engaged shareholder.


Our mission is to be the preferred partner of entrepreneurs by leveraging our business network or providing capital as an engaged and contributive partner.

What Differentiates Us

Our objective is to create intrinsic value in the businesses we get involved in by organically growing existing profitable businesses; transforming traditional business models; or auditioning new ventures to consolidated businesses.

It is important where possible, to retain and enhance the current business models of our underlying investments through strategic dialogue with their management teams. It is equally important, to identify the emergence of new concepts and businesses by partnering with industry-changing entrepreneurs, leading to leveraging our expertise and connections to improve business models or seek alternative strategies.

A diversified portfolio of passive and trading activities across a number of different industries allows us to have a balanced investment strategy.

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Investment Strategy & Trading Activities

The company has been focused mainly on the leisure and entertainment; software development; mining and commodities trading; financial technology; educational technology industries; among others.
We have divided our investment approach and trading activities in several sections:



Focused primarily on financial technology and mining this approach provides the capital to the underlying investment as part of a long term business strategy focused on executing and consolidating the business model.
This involves privately held companies with an enterprise value in the range of EUR 5 million to EUR 500 million with steady and sustainable growth plans and in need of active involvement in management and business development opportunities.


Investment in VC and Funds

As part of this strategy we also invest in very early stage endeavors as venture capital or even at an angel investment stage; these investments are perceived high risk but with an equally high return. To balance this strategy, we also invest in traditional licensed investment funds yielding a reasonable return with moderate to low risk hence, balancing the overall portfolio risk of this particular strategy.


Investment in Fast Growing Businesses

Businesses, whose growth is exponential, in need of early stage capital or growth capital, are at the heart of this strategy. Leisure and entertainment and educational technology are two good examples of sectors where we have seen disruptive strategies that have enabled fast growing alternative business models. The profile of the targets is very diverse as is the required capital or partnership support offered.


Joint Venture Trading Business

One strategy that sets us apart and generates a substantial return in our portfolio, is the partnering in joint venture strategies with existing trading companies. The intention is to expand their existing business through offering new customers/connections; alternative business models; opening new markets; and creating synergies between multiple parties. We facilitate our extensive network of connections, companies and other trading partners, to add value to an existing business. For this strategy, we focus heavily on companies involved in commodities trading; those enabling new technologies such as streaming and hardware optimization; and media rights.

Advisers to Family Offices

Subject to certain exceptions, a "family office" is generally excluded from the definition of "investment adviser." For these purposes, a "family office" is defined as a company that:

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    Has no clients other than “family clients”

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    Is wholly owned by family clients and is exclusively controlled (directly or indirectly) by one or more family members and/ or family entities; and

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    Does not hold itself out to the public as an investment adviser.

  • "Family clients" include among others, family members and former family members, key employees and certain former key employees, certain non-profits charitable organizations or certain trusts, and certain entities owned by and operated for the benefit of clients

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A sample of our investments and trading partners


A 3D virtual-fitting platform for retailers that allows customers to try-on, match, and catalogue their wardrobe from the comfort of their home.


Mobile trading platform for corporate and sovereign bonds designed for private banking customers.


High-frequency trading platform with software packages and API libraries for exchange connectivity, automated trading strategies development and deployment, strategy research, data analysis, risk management, and performance monitoring.


We acquire high quality investments at discounts to replacement cost. We then improve the properties through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives.


Our presence extends through two continents and seven countries, where we bring all of our services and capabilities from exploration, drilling, surveying, research, laboratory testing at underground and surface mines, mills, and processing plants.


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